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Do you want to give?

Do you want to support our work in Uganda? With your help - we can encourage, strengthen and raise women and children out of trauma and loss by providing trauma care, offering income security through the production of shoes and other necessary items, growing food for the survival of families and provide for basic needs.

You can give in 3 ways

You can give a one-time gift 

· Vipps an amount of your choosing to: 529205


· Transfer an amount of your choosing to bank account: 9051.12.99151

(This only works in Norway)

You can become a monthly giver

· Click HERE to fill out a monthly giver form

All monthly givers will receive sponsor letters with updates.

You can sponsor a child

· Click HERE to fill out a sponsor form

All sponsors get a welcome card with a picture of the child as well as regular sponsor updates.

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