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Tabita Create

Tabita Create is a network for Christian artists who want to inspire others.

About Tabita Create

Many creative people we meet miss a place where they can meet others with gifts within the creative and artistic landscape. Being an artist or engaging in various creative expressions can be lonely, and being encouraged as well as meeting others with the same gift, is something many are missing.


At The Tabitha Centre we want to create a platform where Christian artists can meet and inspire each other. We want to have creative collections, where those who want can share their path with art as an expression. In addition, we want to facilitate platforms on social media where Christian artists can promote their gift. Through various courses, exhibitions and promotions, we can help lift each other into what one loves to do.

Are you a Christian artist? Whether you make music, art or do other creative expressions, you are most welcome into our Facebook group Tabita Create, which is a gathering place for creative souls who believe in Jesus and want to inspire others.

Contact person:

Turid Einbu Gregersen
+47 990 40 339

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