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Tabita Teach

Courses, seminars and guidance in trauma, loss and life skills.

Courses and lectures


The Tabita Centre offers various lectures and courses. We will gladly come to teach and share at your workplace, association or organisation.


"My journey towards hope"

Based on the intent from the concert performance with the same title, several lectures have been developed with reflections around the topic: ‘Finding hope after living through offences’, and ‘How to find hope in the wake of loss and trauma.’


"Dealing with strong emotional reactions"

You may find it difficult, demanding or even unmanageable to deal with people who are struggling with anger, people who let the frustration spill over to others.

How can I as a helper, friend and human being meet and deal with strong emotional reactions from others?


"From vision to reality"

How to go from having a vision to putting it into practice.


All courses are grounded on a Christian worldview.




Lecture 1 hour: NOK 4,000

Course / seminar - half day (3-4 hours): NOK 6,000

Course / seminar - full day (5-6 hours): NOK 8000


We offer discounts by appointment.




The Tabita Centre offers guidance for companies and individuals that are dealing with challenges. At times there are situations in life that can be very demanding. You might experience that such challenges are negatively affecting the working or living conditions for you or others, draining out your energy. A conversation with a supervisor can be of good help in sorting out thoughts and feelings. Speaking with a good listener can help you to once again find a foothold and grasp those things that gives life a bearing direction.




60 minutes: NOK 700/500 (honor and students)

90 minutes: NOK 900/700 (honor and students)


Payment methods: Invoice or Vipps.




Appointments that have not been canceled 24 hours before the appointed time will be invoiced.


Contact person:


Marit Louise Grønvik

+47 932 21 570

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