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Tabita Trust

Talking therapy for you who experience challenges in your life.

Talking Therapy


Sometimes life can be painful and difficult. When dealing with the challenges in your life it can be helpful to share them with a person who is not a friend or a family member. At The Tabitha Centre you will meet highly competent and professional therapists which first and foremost see themselves as fellow human beings. The Tabita Centre is based on a Christian set of values.

Our goals are:

  • To see and meet each individual person. Every person is unique and has different needs and challenges.

  • To listen, support and guide. The person who comes to us for a conversation owns the story. We are respectful fellow human beings who will follow him/her a part along their own path. 

  • To be there as long as we are needed.

  • To care for every aspect of the person’s health, seeing the connections between physical, mental, social and spiritual health.



60 minutes: NOK 700/500 (elderly and students)

90 minutes: NOK 900/700 (elderly and students)


Payment methods: Invoice or Vipps.



Appointments that have not been canceled 24 hours before the appointed time will be invoiced.

Contact person:

Marit Louise Grønvik
+47 932 21 570

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